“Forgive the past to heal the future?” Pt. 1


forgiveWhat does it mean, “Forgive the past to heal the future?”


Those seven words hold the keys to our tomorrows, both as a people and as individuals. We are powerless to change the past. As surely as water in a stream will never flow over the same place twice, our actions can never be taken back once they are done; words cannot be erased once spoken; a bullet fired can never be taken back.


Why then do we grieve for things that are forever in the past? Wouldn’t it be better to focus on building our future? As indigenous people, we realize the past is always with us. The truth is, what is past can never be brought back or recovered, but we can hold it in our hearts with pride.


In the spiritual realm, the past exists in all people: elders, men, women and children, because it lives in our hearts, our minds and our souls. As we know, words are spiritual and hold great power, because they have the power to bring us death or life… to move us forward or to hold us back. I truly believe my ancestors told me the tragic parts of our history so we would never repeat them—never meant to hold me back or grieve my heart. The past holds great power in the minds and hearts of the indigenous people as we remember the trials of times gone by. But as we well know, our Creator is Alpha and Omega—beginning and end. He alone holds the ability to go back in time because He lives outside of time. We as his children can ask Him to heal the past by enabling us to forgive past wrongs.