A Bright Future For Native Strong

3 Starting Objectives – Below is our vision for the future
House Gatherings

1.) Setting up a House Gathering in Red Cliff with Sonia, bringing the tools we have and training on how to use them.
A.) Documentary
B.) Wellness Bible Study
C.) Freedom to be Unshackled
D.) Help in setting up a budget
E.) Showing fundraising ideas
F.) Marketing
G.) Support

Native Strong Podcasts

A.) Learning and training on the in and outs of PodCasting
B.) Assist with the necessary equipment to Podcast
C.) Set up “ Sound Cloud “ account
D.) sart recording “The Common Native “
1.) one minute Pod casts
2.) three minute Pod casts
3.) five minute Pod casts
E.) Go out to Native Reservation radio to air ( we already have interest! )

Films, Documentaries & Shows

Filming is a tool we can use in House Gatherings
A.) Training
1.) The Do’s and Do-Nots of House Gatherings.
2.) Assistance on how to run the meeting
B.) Testimonies
1.) women & men of all ages
C.) Short film stories
1.) Funny stories
2.) Miracle stories
3.) Healing stories
4.) Stories of hope
D.) Information topics
1.) Bible lessons
2.) Interviews with Doctors
3.) Openly talk about the signs of Suicide
4.) Alcohol
5.) Drugs
6.) more
also can reach remote places in Canada. ( reserves )