House Gatherings

Waakaa’igan Maamigin – What is a House Gathering?

House Gatherings consist of families and friends gathering together to fellowship with the Creator. This is a time to connect with family, and friends (who become like family) and to encourage one another. Share a meal, pray for those in our lives and have some fun together!

What does a House Gathering look like? While they are a reflection of those present at the gathering, here is our goal:
– Sharing meals and sharing the Lord’s Supper
– Praising and Worshiping to the Creator Jesus
– Praying for one another and growing together in faith
– Overcoming addiction with the love, support, and prayers for each other
– Encouraging each other to grow
– Equipping individuals with the Good News of the Gospel, to become Disciples and share the word
– Having fun together!

The “Ecclesia” or early New Testament, Gatherings were all about getting together as a family, in what was recognized as “Family Circle” and would take place in a home setting. Native Strong ARC is dedicated to help build these Family Cirlces with friends and family, through our House Gatherings or Waakaa’igan Maamigin

Waakaa’igan MaamiginOjibwe translation to House Gatherings

House Gatherings provide a friendly and inviting atmosphere for Indigenous people to meet in a familiar and comfortable Family Circle. Creating community and gathering like our brothers and sisters did 2,000 years in the book of Acts.

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