Jason’s Corner — Fear

What is Fear?
Fear is one of the greatest weapons that Satan uses against you.

Fear separates you from your life-source—your Creator.

  • To fear requires you to imagine something that has not yet happened and may never happen. You imagine the worst.
  • Fear stops you from moving forward.
  • Fear prevents you from being at peace.

When you are fearful you see things through fear-filled eyes; when you are faithful you see things through faith-filled eyes. The difference is everything.

It is human to feel fear; we all show fear from time to time. The difference is not allowing fear to control you. With knowledge of God’s love for you it is possible to triumph over fear.

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for you. That is love! That same love of the Father lives in you. Knowing that the Creator cradles you safely in His hands will allow you to put fear aside. The all-powerful Creator God is the answer to calming your fear.

With GOD on your side, what is there to fear? If you know for a fact where you will spend eternity, is there anything on this earth that you should fear? With that knowledge, death—a state we will all see—holds no mystery and you will have no fear. Your soul and spirit will live with the Lord. With the second coming of Jesus Christ you will be given a new body fit for eternity.

Replace your fear with faith. Faith is the touchstone to the Creator’s heart. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Faith is believing God’s word. As Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, you have been promised eternity in his loving care by simply believing.

Replace fear with faith – live with confidence – rejoice in God’s love.