Native Strong Tools

Available tools provided by Native Strong – ARC

Below is a list of the different tools we are developing for use in Native Ministry. For a more complete description of individual tools, send us a request through our Contact page.


The Wellness Tool offers a series of topics, historical in significance to the indigenous people that deal with day-to-day life on the reservation. With various topics, this tool is offered with a trained leader and is designed to encourage ongoing fellowship within small groups of Natives. Women and men are separated into non-threatening and confidential atmospheres where opinions are honored, respect is mandatory, and spiritual growth allows participants to move forward in recognizing and reaching individual potential. Native helping Native


This Intro Tool is a film documentary intended to open the door to Indigenous people and reveal the Biblical truths of the Holy Trinity. This film will explore Creator’s role in our people’s past and introduce you to Israel, another race and another culture with a tragic history similar to ours. This tool is intended to draw families and entire communities together in love by offering the film along with a meal and a giveaway; the first steps in building an Authentic Relationship with the Creator.


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Coming soon will be scholarship opportunities for young Natives to help with college.