Our intention is to release the imbedded spiritual nature within all Native/First Nation people. For the many that have strayed from the Native Way, and for those who have never had a relationship with the Creator, our vision is to develop in the individual, an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ, the Creator God, that will restore strength, hope, and dignity to their lives and rescue the family.


Our mission is to support existing efforts to bring Jesus Christ into the hearts of all Native/First Nation people by providing documentary films, written material, and organized gatherings aimed at turning lives to God through Jesus Christ.

  • Play a supporting role to Christian relationships already in place among the various nations by working through, and in concert, with Native leaders.
  • Eradicate drug use and reliance on alcohol to escape the realities of today’s reservation and Native community life.
  • Restore the family circle once again; showing respect and love for one another and helping one another overcome obstacles.