Words From Our Founder

A feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities.

Self-esteem is how we view the way we are and the sense of our personal value. It is considered a basic human need that drives one’s motivation. Because of that, it affects the way we are and the way we act in the world and how we relate to everyone else.

Low self-esteem leads to under-performing and unhealthy relationships with others. Because, as humans, we have a need to be with others, we normally hang with other people that share our views, therefore, those with low self-esteem are more likely to form friendships with others sharing similar issues.

Often, low self-esteem leads to a feeling of worthlessness and depression, which leads to self-destruction through the use of drugs, alcohol, and self-abuse and abuse of others. In extreme cases suicide is viewed as a viable alternative.

You have the power to choose your future by exercising the power of your mind. Given to you by the Creator, you have within you, the ability to make choices that will affect what the next minute will be like. Your mind will affect your choices and those choices will affect your future.

It starts with crawling, that leads to baby steps that lead to walking, which leads to running. When you make the decision to change the direction of your life, you do it one moment at a time.

Here is the best part; you don’t have to do it alone. The Creator God will help you overcome the addiction that you are now experiencing. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, verbal or physical abuse, or anything that has a negative effect on your life, you can escape that demon. With each step in the process your self-esteem will grow to be more and more positive. Imagine the feeling of overcoming the urge to pick up that beer, or take another toke from that weed. It is empowering and you feel worthy. It is the power of your mind; do not sell it short.

High self-esteem means confidence in one’s abilities. You have the ability to affect your child’s life. A parent has the power to greatly affect a child’s future through your interaction with that child. Sometimes we will do for others what we would not do for ourselves. Specifically, we would sacrifice for our children.

  • Will your child inherit your fears or God’s promises? – The choice is yours.
  • Will your child inherit your vice or your victory? – The choice is yours.
  • Will your child inherit your anger or your love? – The choice is yours.
  • Will your child inherit high self-esteem or self hate? – The choice is yours.

High self-esteem promises a bright future.
You and your children deserve that future. We can help.